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Monday, March 14, 2011

Love it, Make it, Eat it - Miraculous Make Over

It has been a spinach and feta weekend - two ingredients together that I just adore. I wanted to make a Spanakopita, which is something that I love but have never attempted. For those of you that have never had,  its a yummy Greek dish of mostly feta and spinach between phyllo dough. I set out to try and make one on my own after reading a few versions.  Too many tablespoons of olive oil and a pan full in my belly within 24 hours left me realizing this dish needed a big make-over to fit into my new lifestyle. Yes it was meatless which is a priority, but it was loaded with a lot of calories and fat that I did not need at all - I knew that I could get a similar taste with less abuse to the body. It also made me realize that the carbs in it were contributing to my cravings - its not normal to eat this in a day - unless you ARE a crowd!!!!

Enter: The Spinach Leek and Egg Bake (Full Recipe)
As an on and off low carber I tend to eat a lot of eggs and adore making any sort of egg bake that I can find. They freeze well and make great last minute dinners and lunches not to mention breakfast of course. I found that eggs along with the creamy cream used in most of these egg bakes were the contributing factor to the majority of my calories the last time I was low carbing so I have chosen to find "fillers" this time when I do egg bakes so that I still get protein but lower the calories per serving and of course not sacrifice the taste. The Spinach Leek Egg Bake does all of this and let me tell you I started to have my doubts for a moment as I thoought maybe I needed less spinach or more egg - but no this was PERFECT. I might go for a wee bit more feta next time but I am a big feta freak so I will leave that decision up to you!

If you like Spinach and you like Feta you must give this a try, it was great. It was a make over winner at 130 Cal a serving 3 Net Carbs and 12 grams of protein! It is not Spanakopita, but its a great alternative when your craving such. I also know that it will not need to be eaten hot, cold spinach/egg bakes taste great. Also cut it up as an appetizer. So functional!

This was my lunch portion!

Full Recipe Found Here: Spark Cookbook

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