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I am encountering a midlife food crisis. Tired of the same old thing and as a food addict I am always trying to lose weight. I enjoy the low carb way of life - when I adhere to it. But I need a culinary challenge: Enter Flexitarianism - the less meat challenge. Add the Internet for research and watch out kitchen.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Peanut Sauce - Who Knew?

Ok so why have you all been hiding the fine taste of peanut sauce? True, its a bit high on the calorie count for a sauce, but a girl who does not eat bread on a regular anymore still needs her peanut butter. Tonight's meal was a Veggie Extravaganza  and it was delious!! Red and Green Cabbage cut into thin slices and tossed in pan with olive oil for 10-15 minutes - still crunchy please as this is going to be my "mock rice". Seperately: Leeks, Red & Yellow Bell Pepper Tofu and Bean Sprouts all cooked in Hot Chili Toasted Seasame Oil. Then basic peanut sauce - used the crunchy natural peanut butter with no heat added as was a first attempt. And then layer Cabbage, Stirfry and Sauce on the side - just in case I did not like it - but no I loved it and used my whole "side" upon the stirfry. Can you say YUM

Cabbage Mock Rice
Stir Fry before laying
Peanut Sauce and YES it is better than it looks!
So pretty all together (except sauce)

And that was dinner under 500 Calories! Worth all the work for sure!


  1. looks delicious!

    we love peanut sauce in our house. it's a tasty treat. good cold and warm.