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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Project Food Budget

This is my first week participating in Project Food Budget. My budget during the month of March is $65.00 per week. This is a bit high simply because I am still stocking the pantry with "staples" as I try out new dishes. Ultimately I would like to eat for under $50 a week soon and I do believe I can get there. I have found that since I am eating less meat I am saving a ton of money. I had stocked up on beans, rice, and those sorts of staples but after 2 weeks of eating that way I decided that not watching my carbs was a mistake. (I did not want to eat less meat and carbs at the same time) The project now is to slowly move those beans and rice dishes out while I revamp the pantry.

This week I concentrated on simply getting a decent breakfast made ahead of time and getting lots of fresh veggies in the house. I went to my local grocery store this week. I do attend the Farmer's Market and Whole Foods here every few weeks, but both are a little trip so for ease I chose the local store. I stayed in under budget and find that I have plenty of food. I spent $55.00. I got both fresh and frozen veggies so that I had quick options and planned my purchases around things I already had at home as well. The only thing that I was really "missing" was fruit and salad mixings. I decided that I needed to choose though if I was going to stay under $65. So mid week (I shop on Monday's typically) I bought some oranges and pickles. I know a strange combo but I was a BJ's and they have my most favorite pickles. This was just under $10 so I did make it on $65 and then some

This weeks menu's included:
Breakfast Egg Bakes - made two different ones for the week great for anytime
A Portobello "pizza" - sauce, cheese leeks on top of cap - yum
The Veggie Stir Fry w/ Peanut Sauce listed

I also had left over soup - Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chili - that I had made and freezed. I have plenty of food in the house still (Mon-Sat) I did go out to dinner last night and spent way too much $ but I feel like I am allowed to treat myself now and again after a long week. I don't count that as my budget either, however two drinks a super meal and tip left me spending moe than half of my food budget. It was then I knew that I needed to watch this too! :)

What is everyone else doing this week?

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  1. Well done on your first week! It takes a couple weeks to get a handle on your average spending, and see where you can make some adjustments.

    So far so good though!

  2. Welcome to the project. :) Those staples will suck your budget right up. Less meat does make up for it, though, for sure.